Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Feeling the love: Part Deux

You guys amaze me! (You know, I'm using "guys" in totally the non-sexist manner. WHEW! Almost got in trouble there...)

I am just humbled by the kudos that I've been getting yesterday and today from YOU, my friends (some fellow idiots), in BlogLand. I thought that the BATS got the best of me, but I knew better (Whoa! Lots of B's in there).

Thanks to DP, Artemis, Cathy, Lea, and Moof for mentioning me in your blog. And, for may more of you who have graciously placed me on your blogroll.

As Gene Hackman said in Hoosiers (BTW, one of the best movies EVER!):
I love you guys!


shade said...

Glad your enjoying yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww shucks Doc! We wub oo too! ;o)

GaffLady said...

i gotta say Hoosiers is one of the best movies ever! team team team.
no one more important than the other. keep on blogging! i love to hear new stories :)

Fat Doctor said...

I read you daily, man, wouldn't miss it.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, now it's time for you to get a site meter!

www.sitemeter.com ;o)

Every blogging-addict wants to know how many "hits" they are getting!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, you are way ahead of me there! lol

Must be your mentor-Moof!

(you really are addicted!)

Cathy said...

I'am so addicted to your site already.

The Tundra PA said...

Hey Dr. A--welcome to the blogosphere, and especially to the medblog circle. I am a new blogger also (celebrating 2 months next week!) and the learning curve is a bit steep at first, but definitely do-able. Moof is a wonderful resource, and helped me out in the beginning also (thanks, Moofie!). I found you from her post today. Yes, BATS is real, and we all have it; you will now be famous for naming it (isn't that how it works in medicine?). Getting comments is equally addicting--I'm so bummed on days when I don't have any. You should definitely submit a post to Grand Rounds; it is very flexible. One of your earlier ones, Angry Then Sad (I think that was the title) would be very appropriate. And you definitely need Sitemeter--also addicting; it's such a little rush to see your hits go up. Grand Rounds will send you over a hundred on the Tuesdays you are included. There was a wonderful post called I Love My Blog on the (sadly now defunct) blog named The Blog That Ate Manhattan where she talked about the symptoms of BATS and recommended a 12-step program for us hopeless types. There are some wonderful medblogs out there; cruise through the blogrolls of a few bloggers such as Moof, GruntDoc, shrinkette, Flea, PegSpot, and sample freely. GR will introduce you to lots of good stuff too.

And here's a warm invite to visit my blog, Tundra Medicine Dreams. It is only partly about medicine. I'm adding you to my blogroll, and to my bloglines.

Blog on, Dr. A! You're a great addition to the circle.

Anonymous said...

Rest Assured, if I had ANY idea to do a blog roll... you would be on it! (Although I'd have to actually START blogging first.. lol)

You are a daily read!

Lea said...

I think you should consider trademarking BATS. You could make millions! Just don't forget the little people.
Thanks for making your blogs entertaining. I read everyday.

Dr. A said...

Sorry DP for leaving you out of the original post. I know you mentioned me in your blog, too -- THANX!

KT, I have this thing for sports movies: Hoosiers, Rudy, Remember the Titans, probably a bunch more I'm forgetting.

Hey Tundra PA, thanks for stopping by! Happy two month blog anniversary! I liked your blog, too.

Jordan, another new face -- thanks for your comment. I don't know how I got up and running. It's still all a whirlwind for me. I guess I just blog, read, and comment on other great sites and see what happens. You've got some great stuff on your blog, too.

OneKewlRN, all I can say is, come on in! The water's fine. I did a lot of research before diving right in. Blogger is very user friendly and you can start blogging immediately -- because I KNOW you have a lot to say and your fingers and itching to start typing. As you can see, there's a great group of people to ask questions as you start out. I look forward to reading your blog!