Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm number 1,382,557!

Yup, still can't sleep. This whole "add-on" thing is so interesting. Earlier today (I guess now yesterday), I added a statcounter button, which was really cool because I've never cut and paste code before. And, to actually have it pop up on the sidebar was a significant step for me in the editing of this blog page.

So, I just took the next step. In reading other people's blogs, I kept seeing this "Technorati" tag. Over the past hour or so, I've been checking out this site. And, I finally signed up on that site and placed their button and other stuff on the side bar.

When I was finished with the registration process, they proudly told me I was number 1,382,557. Quite an accomplishment only after a couple of days of blogging.

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