Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bloggers Anonymous

As I was reading through my comments, I ran into this one from Dr. Engel:
With a gestation period of a mere two months, I seem to have also turned into a BAT. I know I should join the BA (Bloggers Anonymous): I neglect chores, forget to make up my bed, clean the kitchen, leave mail and newspapers behind - all due to the urge to read or write blogs all day long. Why get addicted to heroin or meth when you could blog?
Tuesday, June 27, 2006 8:27:32 PM
Which got me thinking... Hm... Bloggers Anonymous!

I can hear the radio ads now, "Hi, I'm Dr. A, I'm not only a doctor, I'm also a client!" How about this as a slogan, "Join BA today! It's no BS!" Or, "Think you're addicted? Well, let's blog and find out!" There could be t-shirts, mugs, posters, mouse pads, key chains, etc --this could be HUGE!

But, alas, when it googled it, I found this article from the Wired magazine website. Don't get me wrong, funny stuff. But, I think I'll keep my day job. How about BATS Anonymous? Or, Idiots Anonymous? Would those work?

Here are the "minutes" of the previous Blogaholics Anonymous meetings:

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    Anonymous said...

    I like to call it "blogaholics anonymous!"

    "Hi, my name is DP, and I'm a blogaholic . . ." ;o)

    Actually, I think we all seem to manage our lives without letting our blogs take over. It's like keeping a journal, only we get to journal together.

    Anonymous said...

    I vote for DP's tag line ... and I cast my vote for Dr. A as the first chairperson!

    Not sure about Dr. Engel's "addiction" though ... I know he spends just as much time eating as he does blogging ...


    Artemis said...

    "I'm Artemis, and I'm a blogger"

    does anything else really need to be said?

    Looking forward to more terrific insights/links

    Cathy said...

    I love this ! Dr. Engle described me perfectly.

    I second Moof's vote!

    Anonymous said...

    my name is May, and i have BATS. now, pass the tissue :)
    by the way, welcome to the blogosphere...

    NeoNurseChic said...

    You mean you guys only just started neglecting the rest of your life due to blogging? I've been neglecting chores, cooking, cleaning up, making the bed, and well...organizing for my entire life! haha Of course, starting a blog didn't help... Now I walk in the door, pet my cat on the head and race straight for my's sad, I think I've been home for an entire 3 minutes. LMAO

    Who else gives up socializing so they can socialize on a blog??

    "Hi, I'm Carrie...and I'm a blogaholic...." Yup...if the shoe fits. :)

    Dr. A said...

    Thanks everybody for stopping by today. I think that we had a good first meeting of BA. We only have eleven steps left to go on this journey. I know we can do it. One blog at at time....

    the granola said...

    Found you through moof.

    I must admit, that this blogging thing which was supposed to be a way to inspire my writing has taken on new life.

    I actually have two blogs now. Ack!

    shade said...

    *clearing throat* *clearing throat again* ... Hi names wolfbaby... and ummm Im a blogaholic too... *grin* gotta love it though cause I'm feelin completly shameless.

    Karen said...

    Hi...I'm Karen and I'm a blogaholic. I actually think everyone wants to see photos of my beautiful granddaughter and hear about my liver ailments! I need HELP!

    (Love your site, Doc.)