Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FMEC 2010 Site

For those of you who follow me on twitter, you may remember that I tweeted out the message above stating that I was excited about a new project that I was a part of. Well, in this post, I will share this with you. I am going to be part of a panel during Halloween Weekend coming up next month in Hershey, Pennsylvania at the Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC 2010) NE Region Conference. I'm going to be talking about (what else) - Social Media and Family Medicine.

And, in getting ready for the conference, my enthusiasm got the best of me in that I created a "fan page" devoted to the FMEC 2010 meeting. Why is it a "fan page?" Well, it's definitely unofficial and not necessarily endorsed by the organization and I am solely the one responsible for the content of the page.

Anyway, my goal in the creation of the page is to hopefully generate dialogue between and among the attendees to the meeting. The meeting participants can be from community family physicians, family physician educators, residents and medical students. It's no secret that I'm excited about social media and I hope to spread the excitement to my peers on this subject. So, if you are a family doc and/or going to the FMEC 2010 meeting, I encourage you to check out my site and spark some discussion over there! (also check out the video below in which I welcome people to the site)


Anonymous said...

I have a Q for you, Dr. A. I've always your perfect social media world, how is social media used in medicine and how would it change things?

Dr. A said...

Thanks for your question. There are already some docs across the country using social media to communicate with patients - but it is highly structured as what type of communication can take place - for example like updating vital sign readings or blood sugar readings.

There is huge potential for use of social media in medicine for patient care. However, the issues of privacy and liability are the major hurdles for increased use of social media.

Anonymous said...

So...something like Cleveland Clinic's "MyChart"? I would like a similar medium that would allow all my physicians the ability to access my information and easily communicate with one another. It's difficult keeping everyone in "the know" when I have multiple drs. in multiple states. Lots of repeating tests unnecessarily. I'm open to micro-chipping...haha jk

Dr. A said...

That's a good point. Cleveland Clinic has a good system and I can access their system. But, their system cannot talk to our office system - meaning the data from their blood work cannot be dumped into our system. Data exchange between institutions is the next step, but I know is being worked on diligently right now at the state and federal levels.