Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dr. A Show 183 Wrap-up: Radio Rounds

Thanks again to Avash Kalra and Shamie Das for joining me for Doctor Anonymous Show 183. They are of course part of the group that founded the Radio Rounds program which is a show/podcast that is written and produced by medical students. In the video segment above, Avash and Shamie describe to me the origins of the show.

During the course of show 183, I was able to invite myself (*wink*) to check out their studios which is a mere 4-5 hours away from Doctor Anonymous world headquarters. I will be in their neighborhood next month. So, I hope to drop by to see the magic happen during one of their live shows. That will definitely be a treat for me.

I invite you to check out the entire audio podcast by downloading it from the Dr. A Show iTunes page. I did also want to thank Radio Rounds for mentioning their appearance on my show on their Radio Rounds episode 406. I also invite you to check out the Dr. A Facebook page and encourage you to hit the "Like" button at the top of the FB page. Thanks as always for your continued support of me and of the show. I really appreciate it!

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