Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Doctor's Day!

If you didn't already know, March 30th is National Doctor's Day. (But isn't every day - Doctor's Day? hehe) Last year, I shared a little bit about the story behind Doctor's Day - and I encourage you to take a read of that post as well.

This year, the hospital got the docs snuggies - yes, snuggies. Now, don't get me wrong, I like it - it's good stuff. And, yes, I'll be wearing this all day today. So, wish your favorite doctor (other than me - hehe) a Happy Doctor's Day. And, if they don't have a snuggie, then go ahead and get them one today!


rlbates said...

Happy Doctor's Day!

StorytellERdoc said...


Happy Doctor's Day to you! I didn't know...

Your pic with the snuggie is priceless! ARe you being serious about that being your gift? Better than nothing, I guess!

Hope this finds you well.

Dr. A said...

Thanks Ramona!

I am serious Jim. Got this at the doctors lounge at the hospital today. Apparently, my friends have been telling me that I've been wearing the snuggie backwards all day. Snuggie FAIL hehe

Anonymous said...

Happy Doctor's Day and thanks for all you do. At least a snuggie is a fairly useful thing on cold nights -- not such a bad gift, I think. Everyone likes a little comfort!

AnuC said...

We need good doctors .... Happy Doctors Day!