Saturday, January 30, 2010

Facebook/Twitter Break? FAIL!

Two weeks ago, I set a goal for myself. I told myself that I would "unplug" from both Twitter and Facebook for two weeks. Initially, that meant not even logging into each of the sites and checking what was going on. Well, I'm proud to say that lasted a mere four days. FAIL!

After I logged in (four days later), I then told myself that on Facebook, I would not leave any comments or do any of that "thumbs up" thing that is so easy to do. Well, that lasted another two days. FAIL! I mean, hey, it is so easy to hit the "like" button when you see something funny or just agree with something you see. And, I couldn't help, but comment on a thing or two on FB.

Finally, I told myself that I would not leave a status update or tweet for the remainder of the two week period. Well, during and after the iPad announcement, I just couldn't hold back any more. I wrote a blog post, and I couldn't help but just post up a link on twitter telling people about it. Oh well.

Even though, I say "fail," I don't think that it was (really). I also told myself that I wanted to start blogging (in a long format as opposed to microblogging) again. And I think that I have found the "blogging bug" again - which is a good thing. I have a handful of posts here in "draft" mode and I hope to get back to them to finish.

In addition, my brief "unplugging" experiment told me that I used the computer as an easy excuse for not getting out there and hanging out with real people - in person - here - where I live. I was always thinking of what the next tweet or facebook update would be.

As I jump back into the sea of facebook and twitter after a semi-sucessful mission, one of the things I've definitely decided upon is that I will not be updating as much as I have in the past (really). I apologize if anyone thought I had abandoned these platforms. I was just taking a little break. Now, I'm back. But, I won't be tweeting or updating as much as before. And, that's a good thing, I think.....


Amanda said...

It's a good thing, Doc. I'm much more unplugged than I once was, and you know what? There are LIVE HUMANS around here -- some even in my house!

That said, here I am at 10-ish on a Saturday. Because live humans sleep :)

Have a great weekend!

Dr. A said...

Actually people out there? Incredible. I'm finding that out. Sheesh! Have a great weekend!

Jay said...

"... I used the computer as an easy excuse for not getting out there and hanging out with real people - in person - here - where I live."

But, the real world is scary! haha

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I recently went through the same thing. Only my vice was too many FB games. I hadn't opened my Google reader in ages. Suddenly I MISSED reading my blogging friends. But, come to find out a lot of them had done the same thing. It seems like FB/Twitter has come full circle and most of us have found a happy medium...thankfully! :)

Anonymous said...

I think unplugging can be hard to do, especially if you're still in your hometown. It's easier when on vacation...well, for some people anyway.