Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dr. A Show 127: Faith Ignited

Thanks again to Kat for being my (unscheduled) guest for Show 127. Begin listening at 26 minutes into the show for our good friend Kat. For those long time listeners to the show, you may remember Kat when the Saturday night Dr. A Show was called "The Night Shift" and we had a great time!

Kat is now at a new place in her life and she has a new BlogTalkRadio show called "Faith Ignited." As you can figure out from the title, the show has a spiritual theme to it and to this point, Kat has had three shows thus far and a new episode coming soon. In this interview we discuss how she has come to this point in her life and what she hopes the show will bring to the people who listen to it.

As always, you can listen to Show 127 on the player above. Or, if you like, you can download the show and listen anytime by clicking here. Thanks so much for your continued support of me, the blog, and the podcast. I appreciate it!

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