Friday, November 06, 2009

Dr. A Show 126 Wrap-up: Crzegrl

Thanks so much to Emily from for being my special guest on Show 126. To be honest, with her very busy schedule these days, I wasn't sure if she would be available to be on the show. That's why I didn't mention it beforehand. The show was orignially titled "Guy Fawkes" and that's what you hear at the beginning of the show (don't be alarmed). Anyway, Emily called in from her car, and we had a great interview.

In case you hadn't heard yet, Crzegrl will be hosting next week - not only Grand Rounds, but also Change of Shift - sheesh! With next week being Veteran's Day, she's thinking of that type of theme for GR and CoS next week. We also talked about other things as well: Her mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, Emily was promoted to Army Reserves Commander of her Medical Group in Michigan, and what's been going on with her blog.

With the tragic events of the shootings at Fort Hood today, we talked about her reaction to those events - especially with her experience and connections to the Army family. (In case you didn't know, our good friend Mother Jones, RN knew the shooter. And, KevinMD posed the question. "Did the shooter suffer from compassion fatigue or vicarious traumatization?") With Veteran's Day coming up next week, that makes this tragedy even more shocking and sad.

Following the interview, I shared some news stories. I originally planned for a short 30 minute show. But, as I often do, the show went twice as long - and I'm glad that it did. That's what great about live internet radio. I have the ability to extend the time of the show out a little bit, and it worked about beautifully.

Of course, you can listen to the show in the player above. (Also enjoy the video post above as well). Or, you can download the archived podcast and listen to it anytime, but clicking here. I even had a show "after show," where we had a great group of people there as well. Thanks so much to those who joined me for the show and/or post-show - and also those who will listen to the archived podcast. I appreciate it very much!

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