Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Amy Tenderich Interview

The Doctor Anonymous Show is proud to welcome Amy Tenderich to Show 35 on Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 9pm Eastern Time. She is author of the popular blog called Diabetes Mine: A Gold Mine of Straight Talk and Encouragement For People Living With Diabetes.

As I discuss in my video post below, this blog was one of the first that I started reading when I was considering starting my own blog about two years ago (how time flies when you're having fun).

Here's a little excerpt from her most recent post called "On Good Advice and Saving Mantras":
My personal best-advice-received was only a few years ago, post-diagnosis, and surprisingly, came from a woman I barely know and don't even like very much. I was at the gym, apologetically trying to fit myself in to the front a crowded aerobics class, when this rather unfriendly Super-Aerobics-Babe sort smirked at me openly and said, "Be bold."

At the time I was simply annoyed and a little confused by her words. But since, I've decided that's about the smartest thing anyone ever said to me. No more apologies for being who I am. Having this stupid disease, I'm lucky to be alive. Lucky to be healthy enough to jump around in an aerobics class at all. Lucky to have been able to reach out to so many people via this blog and discover a whole community of like-minded souls.
Following Amy's interview, I'm going to be starting a new segment of the show - which will be the last 30 minutes of this week's show. I really learned something from last week's debacle of a show (it wasn't that bad, just a little embarrassing to me). And, I'll talk about it at the end of Show 35. So, you'll just have to find out what it is....

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Moby Dick said...

Be Bold? In my case, it would be Be Bald!