Friday, April 11, 2008

Show 30 Wrap-up

What a great show tonight! Thanks so much to Bongi, Sid, Kerri, Vijay, and everyone who joined us live in the chat room. (Video post above). For me, it was really interesting hearing Bongi and Sid talk about how it is to be a surgeon in his country and in this country. I admit I don't know all that technical stuff. But, listening to how they approach the same procedure - fascinating.

I felt like I was at an international conference, but still in my place. Plus, with Vijay calling in live from India and describing some of the same infrastructure problems and government problems in his country and how it is the same there as it is in South Africa and/or in the United States. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Thanks also to Kerri for calling in at the beginning of the show. Raise Your Voice is what she's trying to do to raise awareness about Type 1 Diabetes. Best of luck with that and best of luck with your wedding planning and your wedding -- next month -- Ek!

Our guest next week will be the aforementioned Vijay from Scan Man's Notes. He's a radiologist in India and has a great blog. Also, on May 1st, John Halamka from Trained as an Emergency Physician, John is on the cutting edge of information technology. And, we'll get to talk about it.

I really feel that this show is coming together as how I envisioned the thing. It's so much more than an interview show. It's a way for medbloggers to connect in a way "beyond the blog" (hehe). But, you know what I mean (I hope). Reading text posts and writing text comments are one thing, but to hear people's voices and to talk with people in real time. This is the way that the medical blogosphere is going, and I'm very excited about it. Have a great weekend, everybody! (Don't forget to rate the show here.)


Kerri. said...

Great wrap-up, Dr. A. Thanks for having me on this evening, and I am really looking forward to visiting your show again soon!! :)

rlbates said...

Dr A, loved the show last night!!! I am in awe listening to all of you, as you say on three continents at one time. Thanks

Anonymous said...

We had an off the record inter-tri-continental conversation once before after the Talkshoe show. Dr.A, Berci & I were online talking about stuff. But this one was great. I liked the way the conversation was steered through so many varied topics ranging from wildlife parks to alternative medicine and surgical techniques.

Tough Cookie said...

Hi there! LOVE your blog (and that bear is adorable!). I am a 23 year old, former collegiate cross country runner battling RSD. I hope you'll check out my blog. It's my small attempt at creating awareness and spreading hope.

DrWes said...

Sorry, Dr. A - You've been officially tagged.