Friday, April 18, 2008

Show 31 Wrap-up

Thanks so much for Vijay from Scan Man's Notes for being on the show. (Video post above) He has been a long supporter of the show and I appreciate that. We talked about the training system in his country to become a physician. Did you know that radiology was not his first choice? We talk about that a little bit as well. And then, he started exhibiting some of the typical radiology arrogance that I see every day and I just had to shut him up (just kidding).

Thanks also to Mexico Med Student for flying in the co-pilots seat tonight for the show. At the beginning of the show, he talked about his current status as far as from an educational standpoint. And, then we talked about his recent post from today in which he very poignantly described his health scare. Somethings things happen the way that they do for a reason, and we reflected on that as well.

Finally, thanks so much to Dr. Val for calling into the show at the point when I most needed her. There was definitely a lull in the show while Vijay was trying to find a working connection. Tomorrow, Val is going to have an exclusive interview (probably not exclusive, but sounds good) with the former surgeon general Dr. Richard Carmona. Good luck Val!

Next week, we'll see. I have some e-mails out there. So, we'll see if I'm able to get a guest. If not, then we'll talk about anything (almost). Thanks so much for your support of the show (don't forget to rate the show here)! Have a great weekend!


rlbates said...

Enjoyed the show!

Jessica said...

So, I guess that one thing that won't be discussed next week is why you are still blogging as Dr. Anonymous when you have a video show and everything? :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, guess what? The interview with Dr. Carmona ended up being exclusive and lasting 45 minutes! How cool is that? I tape recorded the Q&A session and will be transcribing it this weekend. :) You heard it here first, gang!

Mimi Lenox said...

Just stopping by to say hello and hope your show is going well. Sounds good to me!