Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Show 30 Preview

Can you believe that this show is up to number 30? Granted that probably the first third were just trying to work out major technical difficulties. But, still, I'm surprised at myself for continuing this project this long. Anyway....

Be sure to join me for the next edition of The Doctor Anonymous Show which will be Thursday, April 10th, 2008 at 9PM eastern time on BlogTalkRadio. Our guest will be the blogger Bongi from the blog Other Things Amanzi. He is a surgeon from South Africa. He first caught my attention a few months ago when he submitted his post for my Grand Rounds last fall. Here is just a sample of a post called Cuts:
she was massive. her bmi must have been hovering around the 50 mark. then she developed severe abdominal pain, complete obstipation and vomiting. as is common, she went to her local neighbourhood sangoma. he did what sangomas do. he made cuts over the area the patient reported to be the problem (her abdomen) and smeared his muthi (in this case, apparently cow dung) into the cuts. the idea, i think, is that the medicine can get to work directly where the problem is.
Not only is he a great writer, but also someone with the most picturesque posts that I have ever seen in blogging. For a sample of this, check out a recent post called Rest and Relaxation where he shares pics from recent time off. WOW! Maybe, someday, I'll have an opportunity to visit where these pictures were taken. I'm very much looking forward to this interview.

In addition, there will be a very special co-host for this week's show. It will be the one and only Sid Schwab from Surgeonsblog. You may remember from Show #23 when Bongi called into the show to talk to Sid (around 32 minutes into the show). I thought it would be great to bring these guys back together for an extended conversation.

Also, right at the beginning of the show, I'll be talking with Kerri Morrone from Six Until Me. As I mentioned in an earlier post this week, on April 14th, 2008, Kerri is trying to raise awareness for Type I Diabetes with "Raise Your Voice." I'm very excited to talk to her about how this effort is going. And, if you didn't already know, Kerri's wedding is next month. So, I'll get to ask her about that as well.

Not only do we have all of this going on - we will also have our live chat room up and running (you MUST listen to this show live). And, we will be taking your phone calls during the show. What can be better than that? So, make sure to tune into The Doctor Anonymous Show. You'll be glad you did! (video post above)


Bongi said...

looking forward to it.

rlbates said...

So am I. Plugged your show today. Hope you have a large audience.

Dr. A said...

Thanks so much for the plug. I appreciate it!

SeaSpray said...

I am so sorry I missed it!!