Friday, March 07, 2008

Show 27 Wrap-up

Thanks so much to Berci from Science Roll for being on the show. (see video post above) We had a great conversation about his life as a medical student. We also discussed his first and only trip to the United States. We was asked to do presentations in Long Beach, California and at Yale. I mean, I have never been to Yale - let alone asked to do a presentation there. Very impressive.

We also talked about his opinions regarding Web 2.0 and Medicine. An interesting perspective. He has a passion for genetics and genomics. If you don't know what exactly they are, he does a good job at trying to define these complicated terms. He graduates from medical school in about a year and a half. He either wants to pursue a PhD or residency. (I think some places offer both of these tracks.)

I certainly wish him the best of luck. We also talked about his blog carnival called Medicine 2.0. I've read this and, I have to admit, that some of that stuff is right over my head. Don't get me wrong, genetics is very important. It's just that it's pretty complicated and the research in genetics is very complicated. Nevertheless, I volunteered to be a host for Medicine 2.0 in the future. Berci told me that he would definitely help me through the process.

I have a favor to ask all of you out there in the medical blogosphere. I would really appreciate it if you could give me feedback on this week's show. In particular, I'm looking for your opinion of the sound quality of the show. Could you hear me ok? Could you hear Berci ok? For those of you who listened live, how easy or difficult was it to navigate the Talkshoe site?

I'd like this feedback to see what you think of Blog Talk Radio verses Talkshoe. I won't share my opinions yet, because I don't want to bias your feedback. But, any information and feedback is helpful to me as I decide where to do the majority of my shows. Have a great weekend, everybody!


rlbates said...

Dr. A, I re-listened this morning to last nights show. I was disconnected at least 3 times. Each time when I re-entered the chat room, the previous conversation threads weren't there. I had poor sound quality. Vijay says his sound was better with the use of ShoePhone and the headset, so I will try to get a headset this week and try again next week.

It was amazing to hear you, Bernice, and Vijay all at one time on three different continents!!! I love that.

Kerri. said...

I am SO SORRY I missed this show, but I did listen to the archived show and it was a bit difficult to hear Berci clearly.

I hope the technology continues to improve, and as always, great show!!

-- Kerri.

Dreaming again said...

It definitely had poor sound quality ...the conversation made it worth the effort to keep struggling to listen to ...

I, like Ramona lost connection 3 or 4 times ... that was frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Dr.A, I downloaded the show on iTunes (Aside: the TalkShoe iTunes link worked fine, unlike BTR, where I had to subscribe manually on iTunes with the RSS feed).
The audio quality is inferior to BTR. No doubt about that.
And like I told you in the post-show chat on ShoePhone, I thought the sound quality was worse at your end. Your microphone is very sensitive. It picked up a lot of breathing and keyboard noise. I have a doubt if that is software related too. The experiemental recording that I did for Bongi had the same problem. My mic seemed to be too sensitive too. It was the same mic & headset that I used for my podcasts, where the extra noise wasn't this bad. Maybe you as the host would be better off calling on a landline. Else you could get some good professional grade equipment. Personally, I think you should invest in some good audio equipment. After six-months of a succesfully run show, you are no longer an amateur.
I haven't heard back yet from Bongi about how successful he was with TalkShoe. Did he contact you?
Thanks for inviting me as a guest on the show. Whether you chose to go with TalkShoe or BTR I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

great conversation; not so great sound quality

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr A-I tried to connect live to the show and I don't know what I was doing wrong because every time I clicked to listen live it said"Blog talk radio!", but then connection. :(

Anonymous said...

I'm currently listening to the archive. So far, it is a very interesting interview. But the sound quality is not very ideal. I could hardly hear Berci. And there seems to be this harsh scratching feedback in the middle of your conversation.