Monday, December 10, 2007

Seven Million Dollars

What would you do if you stole with seven million dollars? Would you try to hide out just 350 miles away and hope for the best? That's exactly what a trio of criminals did after nabbing an armored car. The story from our local paper is below. It's kind of interesting, what do you think?

Youngstown — A trunk filled with more than $7 million can take most people, or at least the average imagination, on a trip around the world. While traveling, throw in exotic cars, expensive clothes and fascinating people.

That same amount of stolen loot took Roger Dillon, 22, and his girlfriend Nicole Boyd, 24, as far as a trailer in Pipestem, W.Va. Extravagance? The couple did manage to buy an 18-year-old van along the way — before the FBI came knocking at the trailer door.

Dillon and Boyd are charged in the theft of more than $7 million in cash and checks from an armored car company in Liberty Township. On the run, their heist spawned local pondering of where were they and what would you do had you done the deed.

When they were arrested, you could almost hear the chorus back home: “West Virginia?” Piling on were the details of their plan. One cop called them stupid.

So .... We wondered what others would do with more than $7 million and the world to explore?

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My Own Woman said...

I read that in my local paper as well complete with their pictures (you must be from my area). Anyway, does it make me a bad person that I almost wanted them to succeed with their heist until I found out that the only thing they planned well was the heist, and the getaway left a lot to be desired?

Come on, leaving their truck in Salem and then leaving the receipts for their purchases with their truck. I wanted to knock them upside the head and ask them, what were you thinking!

I wonder, did they even have passports to leave the country?