Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pinoy Prisoner Thriller

Judging by the almost 4 million views already on YouTube, I'm probably the last person to hear about this video. But what do you get when you put the above three words together? Courtesy of Wikipedia, here's what I found.
Pinoy: Pinoy is a demonym used by Filipinos for their compatriots in the Philippines and around the world.

A person incarcerated in a prison or jail or similar facility.

Thriller: Thriller is a 1984 hit single recorded by Michael Jackson.
Being a Filipino-American myself, I'm not sure whether to take pride in this video, or be really embarrassed. I mean, this is prison! I'm trying to think about how all of this was organized. And, in doing more YouTube searches, this is not the only song that this group does. Oh well, what did you think the first time you saw this?


Bongi said...

cruel and unusual punnishment. i don't care what those inmates are guilty of, to make them perform that is just not humane.

p.s. if michael was found guilty, i wonder if they would have been able to get him to that prison.

Chrysalis said...

I saw that video on the news. I thought that was a little freak-a.

Awesome Mom said...

That is more than a little weird. I can't imagine the thought process that went into making that video.

HP said...

Much better than some of the other prison pursuits! I thought it was a bit of fun really.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to say the least...Maybe this is what they do to release tension and keep up exercise?

may said...

from a true blooded pinay here:

i must admit that when i first saw this, i didn't know what to make of it. i also thought it was bit creepy and freaky.

but then, i realized this is a display of a very typical filipino behavior in general. you know, to be entertaining no matter what or where they/we are. there is no description why they are doing this but i can only assume that they organized this to keep the inmates busy, and channel their energies to non violent things. and i don't think they were forced at all. most filipinos want to entertain, or perform.

just my two cents.

Dr. A said...

May - I was hoping you would weigh in on this. It was actually my parents who told me about this. And, they thought it was kind of funny.

So, you're right. Filipinos love two things. They love to entertain and they love the American culture - even in prison.

make mine trauma said...

My thought was " What fun!" And why did Michael Jackson have to go and reinvent aka ruin himself?