Sunday, May 13, 2007

Update: NY radio hosts fired

Three weeks ago, I talked about two radio hosts in New York City who made Asian racial slurs. The post was called, "Asians: The New American Villan." It generated an interesting discussion and even an award from The Rising Blogger. Yesterday, according to the Associated Press, these two radio hosts have been fired.
One month after CBS Radio fired radio host Don Imus, it has permanently pulled the plug on a pair of suspended New York shock jocks for a prank phone call rife with offensive Asian stereotypes.

"The Dog House with JV and Elvis," hosted by Jeff Vandergrift and Dan Lay, "will no longer be broadcast," CBS Radio spokeswoman Karen Mateo said Saturday.
I have to be honest here. I never thought that these guys would be fired. Sure, I wrote a provocative post. But, as I said previously, either a dangerous precedent is being set here in that no one can say anything about anyone without being fired - or, CBS radio is in such a disarray that they'll do anything at this point to get out of the PR tailspin that they're in right now.

One thing I do know is this -- The entertainment industry will be an interesting moving target to watch over the next few months. I mean, hey, even Shrek is being attacked these days. Excuse me, uh, Shrek is a cartoon character. Gimme a break!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

hi doc! just a little diversion for you... we are getting ready to leave florida and go back to podunk in a little over a week. the winter went by so fast. and guess what? my windows are dirty again! ha ha, have to get sarge on it, right? have a great day...

smiles, bee

Marilyn said...

Well, it's nice to have you still blogging... Since you didn't post again, maybe the conference became more interesting?