Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Interactive Novel

Here's an interesting question: Can docs write novels? Well, this is your chance to be the judge. Dinah, from the Shrink Rap blog and one of My Three Shrinks, has started The Interactive Novel and is seeking feedback. Dinah writes....
Sunday's New York Times had an article on the unpredictability of the publishing industry: The Greatest Mystery: Making A Bestseller. The jist of the article is that publishers aren't good at guessing in advance what will sell, and the industry has surprisingly little feedback and interactive responses from its market.

So I thought, what if I try to see if I can get some feedback on Double Billing, my novel-of-the-moment, either use the feedback, or let prospective agents know that 50 million people read the first few pages and now want more? So here goes, the first chapter, the set up for the rest of the novel. If you want to make suggestions on how it would be better, please feel free to comment.
Personally, I don't know if anyone has "the magic formula" on what makes a best selling novel, a hit song, a blockbuster movie, or anything else successful in the entertainment industry. I'll have to delve into that NYT article more carefully.

So, take a read over there and leave some feedback (and vote in her poll). I'll turn the comments off over here, because I'd like to focus the feedback over there. I've already left a constructive criticism (not mean, just some feedback). If you can help out Dinah, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!