Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rest & Relaxation

Absence makes the heart grow fonder - This source credits Eleanor Roosevelt with this quote. I don't know about that, but this quote certainly applies right now in my blogging life. For most of July, as you know, I've kind of stepped away from posting.

What have I been doing? Well, I got an iPhone - and I'll talk more about that in a minute. One of the commitments I made to myself this summer was to take a little bit more rest and relaxation for myself. Getting away from my computer is a major challenge for me, but I got outside, and made a new commitment to exercise (I've been a slob for quite a while now).

I've also tried to re-connect with my non-blog friends. We've talked about them before on this blog. Unfortunately, I've neglected my blog friends somewhat. Thanks for your understanding for me being away. And, thanks for all the e-mails that people have sent me just to say hello or to check up on me.

I wanted to clarify again that I did not take a break because "someone" stopped me or because I was afraid of blogging. I never thought about quitting. As Dr. Crippen so eloquently said, sometimes you just need to recharge the batteries. (In no way am I comparing this piddley little blog to the mighty NHS Blog Doctor. Hope you come back soon Dr. Crippen.)

So, I've put the training wheels on and trying to find my way back to blogging. In the past, I've done a lot of news items. I'm thinking of taking a slightly different direction, but not sure yet. We'll just see how this thing evolves (again).

As previously mentioned, I purchased an iPhone. And, besides the total coolness factor, I've really tried to apply it to my professional life - and I may be blogging a bit about that. This thing has wi-fi and so does my hospital. So, I'm trying to do things like look up my patient lists and labs. We'll just have to see how that goes.

I've also been trying to read all that I can about medical applications for the iPhone. I've been reading Medgadget and some iPhone sites out there. If anyone out there has some suggestions, post a comment here and I'll check it out.

I also have a new interest in listening to podcasts - Of course, My Three Shrinks and Dashing MD are my favorites. But, I've also found some iPhone podcasts and trying to find some iPhone podcasts specifically dedicated to the iPhone in medicine.

So, that's the short story of what I've been doing this month. Maybe I'll share more of what I've been doing this month in future posts. It's great to be back blogging again....


breadchick said...

Welcome back Dr. A. We all need little breaks now and then, if for nothing else to clear our heads and re-focus our energy. Can't wait to hear about your i-phone!

Chrysalis said...

It's good to see you back on Dr. A.!

Anonymous said...

missed ya, hon!

twilite said...

Hi Dr A! Looking forward to reading your candid perspectives! We do need a balance in life -- blog and non-blog friends. Glad you miss your blog friends or your blogging huh? ^_^

coaster1robert said...

Welcome back,you should read this article.
San Francisco Chronicle
Doctor charged with hastening death of donor

Your Mother said...

I am glad you're finding a better balance for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yo Doc A!

Welcome back from the boonie's of iPhone-land. You've been missed. The PharmD Husband is looking at one of those things to enhance his work as well.. (he's a hospital director of pharmacy,) He asked me... to ask you... if you get any good ideas or finds on applications that can make his time/life more productive let us in on the info, please? Between us, I know he's looking for any excuse to get a new iPhone!