Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day Podcast

Opening Music: In honor of the closing of this club in New York City.

In The News:
Courtesy of Cathy's Place: The banning of smokers by the Cleveland Clinic

From Fat Doctor: AMA News article, "Blog At Your Own Risk."
(I'm mentioned in this AMA article - Yeesh!)

Around the Blogosphere:

The #1 Dinosaur talks about Ratings, Rankings, and Grades (oh my)

Next, just some really random thoughts on the first days of residency.

Closing Music: In my opinion, the most patriotic song I've ever experienced.
(I'd give it away with a link, but, this time you have to listen to the podcast. HA!)

I've been messing a little bit with my Garageband software. I think the sound quality is a little better. Enjoy Podcast #7! Download in mpeg-4 (11mb) or mp3 (32mb) format.


Cathy said...

You have killed me with your closing song! It is, by far, THE BEST EVER song! It reminded me of 9/11, I linked it, with a video, on my tribute to Adam. It brings me to tears every time I hear it.

This was a great podcast. If you ever give up being a Doc., with your voice, you could be a great newscaster. Everyone should listen to this podcast.

You did, however, almost make me go deaf just when I was really getting into copacabana!...And, you did what you did!

As for being worried about rankings and numbers, you know I use to worry about that too. But when I closed the other blog, and opened this new one, I dont worry so much now. My numbers on the old one were getting to be to much stress. How to keep hundreds and hundreds of people coming back everyday..Always trying to keep everyone happy and come up with new stuff. I lost a "significant" amt. of readers when I changed blogs, but I am gaining new ones, and the smaller numbers seem to suit me better. My loyal friends have followed me, and I guess the others must not have really liked my blog anyway.

Thanks for the link Doc.. I appreciate it!

I hope you have a great holiday today! Now, I am going to go and listen to THAT song again.

The Beach Bum said...

A good Podcast. However I do hate your opening song, Copacabana!

It is very interesting what you had to say about Doctors Blogging and the AMA.

My nephew is a Doctor specializing in Sports Medicine in Chicago. He did his internship and residency at Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago. Then he went on to the Mayo Clinic for further studies.

At 36 years old he is finally making money and has all of his loans paid in full.

Good work - keep it up!

The Beach Bum

Just telling it like it is said...

Just stopping by..from Micheals blog... I thought we might have a little in common...Happy 4th and if you stop by my blog...don't hold it against me...I'm just a ER nurse that is unprofessionally professional!! cheers!!!

kïrstin said...

hey dr A!
its been a very long time since i came by, so i thought i best make a showing *cheesy grin* i am trying to keep up with my blog and my friends, but these days my schedule doesnt allow for much online time.

i couldnt get the podcast ... most disappointing.

i hope you are well.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Doc, where are you? I've been checking in on you. I miss reading you over tea in the morning. ;)