Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rebranding Twitter Account

This is the next post in the process of "Rebranding Doctor Anonymous." I invite you to read the first post which has why I'm actually doing this. I'm still in the midst of finding a new blog/website home for me. The exploration and evaluation process has actually been fun. And, I'd like to thank all my friends out there who have given me feedback and advice about what is out there.

So, the next step in the process is to rebrand the twitter account - to - me. I thought that this was going to be a tough process, but it actually isn't. Of course, I just googled the term and came up with a couple of good articles to walk me through the process. Thanks to hubspot and digital inspiration for their useful articles.

Thankfully, I did not have to start over from zero followers. All my followers (including the spam ones - sheesh) came over to the new account. Probably the most important thing to remember when switching twitter IDs is to immediately signup for your former twitter name so that someone doesn't take it and try to pretend that you are you. Good tips.

I've really enjoyed sharing my rebranding journey with you. Next week - specifically - Monday, March 14th. 2011 - this is when I will announce - On My New Twitter Account - where this blog/website is going. So stay tuned there. Isn't it exciting?


A. Patrick Jonas, MD said...

Thanks for the good advice and update, Mike.

Sarebear said...

Wow. So cool to put a name with your face and voice, now, Doc! It sounds wierd to call you something else, lol. Congrats on the rebranding thing, I hope it takes you far!

Belgie said...

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BMR said...

Another informational, enjoyable post to read.......thanks for putting it together.

Anonymous said...

hi, Congrats on the rebranding thing.