Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cough And Cold Medicines

Want to try to avoid a visit to the doctor's visit for that cough or cold? Why not go to the pharmacy to get an over the counter medicine? In the video above from local TV news, I talk about the good and the bad about OTC cough and cold meds. And, will that medicine from the pharmacy actually help you get better faster? If you found the video helpful, I encourage you to check out other videos about health related topics at MikeSevilla.TV.


healthy living said...

Checking out the other videos and they're indeed helpful. I used to self medicate in the past, but now I knew better. thanks doc!

bodylift said...

I have always suffer from cough and cold. So this is useful information for me. I will follow this rules.

AXS Health Insurance said...

You did a great job on there! It's so true that the meds don't seem to help it go away faster. I guess for those that want to breath easier during the day, one or two tablets don't hurt- but don't really help either.