Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Head butt dance

I thought that there were no more capitalists is France. Apparently, I'm wrong as exhibited by this story. Whether you're still in withdrawl from the World Cup, or really didn't care about it in the first place, everyone remembers the "head-butt heard around the world" during the World Cup final game.

Well, there has been a song made about this infamous event, and right now it's the number one ringtone in France and it's the number two song there as well. There are even plans to spin this off into different languages.

Here's the loose translation of Coup de Boule (Do The Head-Butt)
Watch out, it's the head-butt dance! (Head-butt, head-butt)
Head-butt to the right (Head-butt, head-butt)
Head-butt to the left (Head-butt, head-butt)

Go, Bleus, Go!
Zidane, he hit [him], Zidane, he slapped (him)
(Head-butt, head-butt. Head-butt, head-butt)

The guido, he was hurt
Zidane hit (him)
The Italian is not doing well
Zidane slapped (him)
The referee saw it on TV
Zidane hit (him)
But we lost the World Cup
We had a good laugh anyway
France: The country with good wine, good song, and good head-butts. I still pick Denmark, though. They're just happier there. Don't you think?


HP said...

They'll just slap you with the Danish Salami instead.

Anonymous said...

Whyd you take Fine Art Doctor off your list???

Flashtrigger said...

"Ici bat le coeur des Bleus..." I was sad when France lost. Especially being Zizou's last game and all, plus most of les Bleus are edging on retirement anyway, I can't see them making another World Cup.