Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanks Med City News!

Wanna know why social media matters? Here's why. Yesterday afternoon, I was contacted by Brandon Glenn from Med City News in the Cleveland, Ohio area about my post called "NEOUCOM Restructuring." I encourage you to check out article posted today entitled "NEOUCOM cuts 8 workers, plans to add more for strategy’s sake." The really cool phrase was at the end of the article.
News of the layoffs began spreading primarily from the Doctor Anonymous blog, which is maintained by Youngstown-area family physician Dr. Mike Sevilla, a NEOUCOM graduate.
Something that is still really interesting to me is that there is no official press release on the NEOUCOM school website (as of this posting). But, yet it looks like news organizations like Med City News, Akron Beacon Journal, and Ravenna Record Courier (local newspaper where the med school is located) received a some kind of press release and/or talked with their PR people (I would guess the med school PR people are really not happy with me right now)

One of the things that I hope comes out of this incident is that the med school consider being a little more transparent when it comes to major decisions and major moves like this. The perception of a coverup or the perception of deception really doesn't help build bridges with the people and the stakeholders who are supposed to be your supporters. Thanks again to MedCity News for following up on this story!

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