Sunday, May 02, 2010

Me And My iPad

Feel free not to read this post. I'm writing this just as justification for myself about purchasing an iPad - Hehe. Well, during my conference last week, I got into a conversation with my good friends Jen and Kim - acknowledged tech geeks (and I mean that with love). We discussed coming out to the Apple store two days ago when the 3G version went on sale.

It would've been a great field trip! I think that there were about 1-2 other people who were thinking about it. Well, that night when the moment came to decide to go to the Apple story, I was a party pooper and decided not to go. And, apparently, no one else in the group (that I know of) went either.

So, today comes and I knew that I was meeting up with video blogger and internet celebrity T-Rave. He lives here in the Kansas City area. So, after some lunch, we decided to hit the Apple store (I have some great video of this, but probably won't be able to upload until getting home because of a too slow internet connection to upload video)

I admit that this was the third time that I touched an iPad. The other two times were at my local Best Buy at home. (The funny thing is that when I decided to purchase an iPad at home - the Best Buy was sold out). So, I'm pacing and thinking and wondering - Should I or shouldn't I?

Always when I have a tough decision like this, I go to the place where I will always get the right answer. Yes, that's right I went to the online magic 8 ball site - right there logging onto an iMac computer. I typed in the question, "Should I purchase an iPad today?" I clicked on "submit question." The answer came back, "Absolutely!"

Now, I have been going back and forth on which to purchase - the wifi version or the 3G version. Since I recently purchased a Verizon MiFi 3G internet modem, I didn't need the iPad 3G version. I can use the wifi signal from the Mifi. (And I have to tell you, the connection has been pretty good) I purchased the iPad Wifi 64GB version.

The purchase process was interesting. I was able to activate the iPad right there in the store. The Apple Genius we were working with was very cool. He saw the video cameras that me and T-Rave were using and he asked about our websites. He told us about his website which is called Urban Synthesis Radio. I encourage you to check it out!

So, that's my iPad purchase story. I'm working with my IT guy at my local hospital to see how I can get access to hospital records using this device. I'm also trying to think about other work functions that I can use iPad for - in addition to all the fun things!

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