Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blue Dog Dems in Health Care Debate

Everyone wants a piece of this legislation. Late last night, CNN posted a story called "Blue Dog Democrats May Block Health Care Bill." Rep. Mike Ross, D-Arkansas, (pictured above) is a leading negotiator for the Blue Dog Democrats on health care. According to the article, they are threatening to block to keep it from getting out of committee.
The conservative Democrats don't believe the legislation contains sufficient reforms to control costs in the health care system and believe additional savings can be found. Their letter to leaders raised concerns about new mandates on small businesses. Blue Dogs also say the bill fails to fix the inequities in the current system for health care costs for rural doctors and hospitals.
And, the beat goes on. Let's see what today's news cycle has to offer. I'm curious to see the responses to the statements yesterday, and to see who is not happy today with either the house or senate proposal, or both....

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